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Reason why children should use Orthotics Shoes

It is difficult to recognize flat feet in small children. When child starts walking the arch shape of the foot starts to develop. If it does not develop till the age of 6, it becomes important to use Orthotics shoes inserts. This is done to prevent them from back and body pain occurring later in life.

If you fail to take prevention on time, the child may suffer from leg, foot or back alignment problem. The feet remains flat which can cause additional strain on ankles and calves or deficiency of feet. Kids Orthotics are designed to provide biomechanical support and restore the child’s walking pattern. Given below are some foot related diseases in kids:

  • Server’s disease causing tension and tightness in kids foot - This is common in children who play basket ball and soccer, they develops the risk of severe heel pain. This can be cured by applying arch support in their shoes.

  • Children foot Deformities need a special care and need- This includes polio, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and foot club. Cushioned support and gentle correction is needed for kids.

  • Flat Feet pain in children can occur due to absence of arch development- This can be cured by wearing children arch support so the foot can develop in a proper way.

  • In-Toeing & Out Toeing in children – It can be prevented by applying arch support and insoles to provide proper correction, with no harm to the child, and the foot grows naturally.

A flat feet is a deficiency which may cause serious complication to other body parts as well such as lower back and knees pain. To secure you child form abnormal foot ailments, use kids Orthotics inserts which are safe to use and allow the feet to develop in more natural way. These also help to properly align the joints of your child feet, especially during playing and performing exercise.