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Wear orthopedic footwear to prevent Calluses?

When a mass of dead cells develops in the center of the feet it forms calluses or corn. Corns and calluses sometimes become painful & it becomes unbearable to walk. Calluses occur on the feet, hand, and any other part of the skin where friction is present. If you are suffering from calluses then, Bio Concept care is one-stop store in Richmond Hill, Markham where you can find foot care products according to your needs.

Main cause of calluses

Toe deformities such as hammer toe or other abnormal anatomy of feet can lead to calluses formation. Not wearing of proper shoes or socks can create friction at specific point and thicken the particular area. Activities that increase stress applied on hand and feet skin creates calluses and corn.

Calluses can be prevented by reducing pressure on the specific point on hands and feet. Well fitted and comfortable orthopedic footwear are useful in eliminating the circumstance. Bioconcept care orthopedic footwear offer a complete solution for foot care and comfort you in foot pain.

Treat calluses with Bio Concept Foot solutions designed for men, women & children

Calluses can be painless and tender or may form cracks which commonly occur on feet and hands. It also changes in color from white to gray-yellow, brown or red. Anyone with diabetes should seek doctor because of higher risk of infection. Usually calluses neither do nor require medical attention. But if you see

  • redness spreading around the affected area,
  • any fluid coming out
  • any swelling, pain or suffering from fever
  • change in toes and fingers and gangrene

Wear orthopedic shoes to prevent Calluses foot problem.

Note: This documentation is not intended to suggest treatments for abnormal foot conditions. Any such cases should be referred to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.