Scared from foot skin allergy?

What if you Dream something horrible which do not let your feet enjoy walking & dancing????

Scary thought some of your readers cannot even think this for even a second.

Many of us suffer from foot rashes and uncomfortable skin conditions, this can happen due to skin disorder, which can cause corns, warts and skin rashes on the top of the feet but this can affect the entire parts of the body.

Skin allergy can be caused by a number of factors, such as sun exposure, dermatitis and allergies. Here is some information about skin allergy conditions, which can often create skin complications of the foot.

  • Angioedema: this is a type skin order which is caused by allergy. In this skin causes painful and itchy welts that appears on your feet and you also suffer from cramping and difficulty in breathing. Those who are allergic to berries, pollen, eggs, animal dander or any antibiotic usually suffer from Angioedema.
  • Dyshidrotic Eczema- in this skin condition your feet can suffer from blister that contain fluid that cause itching. The skin appears red or flakey and skin itching which can lead to skin infection.
  • Dermatitis-if any person involves with the substance like metals, fabrics, detergents, plants and cosmetic can cause dermatitis. This causes inflammation and irritation to the feet skin.
  • Toenails with slightly sunken-the skin of nail beds both appear pale. The feet may feel cold and nails may also be brittle. The person may feel shortness of breath, headache and dizziness.
  • Hairless feet or toes- this happens when there is poor circulation of blood supply. The symptoms they shoe such as while standing your feet look bright red or dusky but when you elevate them they becomes pale.
  • Sore on the bottom of the foot- this is the symptoms of diabetes. Elevated blood glucose level lead to nerve damage in the feet. If untreated it can lead to ulcers.
  • Onychomycosis- thick, yellow downright ugly toenails, it a fungal infection below the surface of the nail. The feet become visibly unattractive and nail smells bad and turns dark.

It is important to check your feet and care for it to remove uneasiness or allergic condition. If you have been experiencing the heel spurs, arch pain, plantar fascittis or above foot problems then, it is important to refer pedorthist or certified chiropodist. Get right medication to eradicate your allergy symptoms.

Role of Orthopedic Footwear

Even many pedorthist strongly suggest wearing orthopedic footwear which include insoles, orthotics, compression stockings which support ill foot condition and treats them effectively reducing pain & discomfort.

Do your fear participating in SPORTS due to foot pain?

When it comes to performance in your favorite sports or games, everyone hates getting interrupted with foot pain or any injury.

But what if you lose the game due to foot or heel pain? 

Very disappointing as you can lose a golden chance due to sudden or continuous discomfort of your legs.

It is better to keep off such situation from your routine so that you can give your best during running or playing games.

What can help you in your Athlete career?

It is important to keep your feet and ankles in good shape and recognizing injuries when they occur and proper treatment should be provided to keep you moving without pain.

Simple treatment to reduce pain from multiple foot problems

Believe that there are cases that have treated themselves well by wearing sports orthotics which are custom designed to fit the foot size. Just wear & forget the pain.

If painful feet have kept you away from enjoying your running exercise then Orthotics can offer benefit to your running routine. The shoes inserts can be beneficial to protect and heal several foot conditions such as: heel pain, shin splints, flat foot, bunions, hammertoes and runner’s knee.

What can be the cause?

Cause can be diabetes or a high glucose level which damages nerve fibers due to which severs pain occurs. It is better to take precautions before it is too late.

For athlete healthy feet and ankles are essential for their performance. Athletes are prone to many injuries of foot and ankle, from planter Fasciitis to ankle sprains.  Foot work in tandem with muscles and ligaments to create separate arches, which are essential for shock absorption during jumps and landings.

We all know sports injuries are common between athletes and also for those who participate in sports. Ligaments and muscles are injured when you do not do exercise properly, when they are forced greater than their inherent strength. They may also get injured or cause pain when they are too weak or tight.

Injuries are more prone to joints, when the muscles and ligaments that support are weak. Differences individual structure body can make liable to sport injuries.

Some have abnormal running patterns, which leads to lots of foot risk injuries, custom make Orthotics inserts that are specifically designed to match your foot size, by providing support where you need the most. Custom made Orthotics made right for any foot condition and keeping you running. You can participate & enjoy your favorite sport with confidence without worrying about your foot pain.

Why wear Compression stockings for your veins?

Is proper care of your feet and leg is vital?

Bioconcept Markham based Orthopedic store answers to this question:

Specially designed socks that not only relax your leg but work on swelling or injured areas to improve blood circulation.

Why Wear?

Symptoms such as swelling, heaviness, pain, aching and varicose veins can be prevented from getting worse by wearing these stockings.

Mainly prescribed for:

 Blue veins, swelling lymphedema and for diabetic people

These are special stockings that improve blood flow in the leg veins and prevent blood from pooling in the legs.

How Blood flow is improved?

Designed in manner: tighter near the feet and looser as goes up wards the leg, which gradually squeeze the leg and help blood flow from the leg veins and back towards the heart.

This helps improving circulation in the veins of the legs and prevents blood clots and relieves the symptoms of chronic veins and varicose veins.

Use as a preventive treatment

They are worn for various medical reasons such as:

  • Tight support at the ankle area.
  • Improves leg muscle efficacy by actually stabilizing them.
  • Help remove muscle damaging lactic acid.
  • Comfort and support while shaping the legs in their normal way.
  • Those women suffering from thrombosis or blood clots in the veins, compression stocking can prevent DVT by keeping blood flowing.

Need to treat some serious medical problems. Get the compression comfort according to the severity of your venous disease.

How these magic socks are popular with runners and athletes to boost blood flow and run faster… Just wait for our next Blog update.

Flat feet Shoes at Markham store

Do insoles or shoes minimize flat foot pain? One of my friend was in the grip of stubborn foot pain. He was not able to walk properly, he has given up running. He was suffering from the acute pain in his foot. He was not able to understand what was going wrong with him. So I took him to the doctor, he told him that he was suffering form “Flat Feet” pain.

A flat foot happens when the arches in the feet are flattened. This is caused entire sole of the feet to touch the floor when you are in standing position. Common symptoms associated with flat feet are pain in the arch, heel and swelling in the ankle. The pain can be triggered by long periods of standing, increased physical activity involving the legs and feet.

People suffering from flat feet mostly experience no or little pain, but it can still lead to ankle, knee, and hip, sever pain and back pain. This can cause feet and leg imbalance which can lead to pain in joints, ligaments and muscles of the feet. Infant and children under the age of 4-5 can have flat feet. Some children feet remain flat due to genetic factors and remain in same position into adulthood. If not treated properly, this can lead to foot problem such as bunions as they get older.

Proper shoes with adequate support and fit are important. Ill-fitted shoes can lead to pain in the arch, leg and foot. In extreme cases surgery is conducted when you suffer from severe pain or major injury. Custom made Orthotics foot wear can also be used, which are made according to foot mold and can be worn in the shoes. This offers support and realignment to the arch of the feet and reduces pain form muscles and joints.

Bioconcept Orthotics & pedorthic care center in Markham and help you in improving your feet conditions. We provide shoe inserts and orthopedic shoes of famous brands. Orthopedic footwear offers proper support to your feet and helps you in walking comfortably.

Custom Orthotics perfect solution to treat for flat feet

Custom Orthotics for flat feet

Are you suffering from flat feet? Then Orthotics insoles will be a perfect solution for you. These are custom-made inserts that fit inside the shoes to decrease abnormal motion of the foot. They help in aligning your feet in normal position and also eliminate or reducing foot pain. Your feet can be hurt while walking or just by standing for hours. They feel sharp pain, swelling that hurts you a lot. Orthotics can be effective in treating a number of foot and lower limb problem such as arch pain, heel pain, keen pain and forefoot pain.

Shoes for flat feet

Flat feet or fallen arches, this can be happened due to the hard, flat surface we walk on daily activities. This can also be happened because of weak ankle, your age and excess body weight. But abnormal foot function caused can lead to serious foot problems like heel spurs, plantar Fasciitis, heel pain and Metatarsalgia or ever lower back pain. To reduce these problems, insoles for flat feet, can help in relieve the aches and pains by restoring the foot’s natural alignment. This provides the relief by encouraging ankles, legs, hips to function as they are intended and offer stability.

Benefits of Orthotics

Foot Orthotics reduces muscular tiredness and helps in more efficient muscle performance, which occurs when connective tissue is place under constant stress and can also lead to bone instability in the foot or fallen arches.

  • For athletes can get help to increase endurance, performance and strength abilities through Orthotics.
  • Those who are over weight can get relieve off the ligaments in their feet and legs.
  • People who stand or walk on hard surface for longer amount of time each day may get benefit from foot Orthotics.
  • Those who suffer from foot pain can get alleviate and even correct the condition through Orthotics.
  • If your pain is due to your foot mechanics, it can be a very effective way to relieve your symptoms.

Wearing a shoe supportive is important when you are suffering from heel pain, fallen arches or other foot problems. It is recommended to wear Orthotics inserts which reduce your pain and are completely comfortable while walking. The foot structure can be aligned when you are walking, running or even cycling. Therefore Orthotics insoles help in improving foot function by reducing pain and preventing serious problems and injuries.

Leg Pain Solution with Compression Stockings for Athletes and Pregnant Women

For men and women who Love their Legs

Its time you think of an inexpensive and healthy solution to relax your leg & knee muscles by juts wearing socks.

Heal Ulcers – Compression stockings are also used to improve blood flow and can help in preventing and healing ulcers in women severe vein disease.

Cut your Swelling – Women and men who are suffering from chronic vein disease, these stockings can offer relieve from symptoms such as heaviness, swelling, aching and pain from getting it worse.
Designed for both female and male use and they are made from a combination of elastic, Lycra or nylon and are free from latex.

Very convenient and highly beneficial for Athletes

The socks help in increasing performance during running and reduce muscle pain after running. Runners enjoy high benefits due to the inherent increase of blood circulation and leg support.

Knee-high compression stockings are easily worn alone or under a pair of normal running socks.
Stockings for pregnant women

At time of pregnancy, women often experience edema in their feet and lower legs, this problem can be solved through compression stockings. At this stage pregnant woman gain weight which leads to blood circulation problems, due to which veins in legs and feet are under more pressure or stress. Wearing these stockings healthy blood flow is promoted which helps in reducing swelling and pain in legs.

Use of Compression Hosiery Stockings as Therapy for immediate Relief

Today stats show that large portion of Canada’s population is suffering from Chronic Venous Insufficiency. To lower the extremity of CVI, compression socks are used for treatment. These are specially designed stockings which compress the limb and increase blood flow help which further helps in preventing the progression of venous disorders such as thrombosis, edema and phlebitis. The elastic socks give a therapeutic relief to heavy and aching legs by decreasing venous pressure.

Help control leg problems in different ways:

  • Effective with no side effects
  • Elastics which are used to creates this stocking leaves effective pressure on the legs, feet and ankles
  • Compresses the surface muscles, arteries and veins
  • Helps in blood circulation in narrow circulatory channels

Use of Conservative Treatment

Medical stockings can be purchased in a range of colors, opacities and styles. This is very important to know that there are no side effects to venous issues treatment when stockings are properly sized by a physician.

Wear the product which is latest in non-surgical therapies and prevent the first sign of venous issues and restore healthy circulation in legs.

Compression Stockings Helps in Treatment of Venous Disease

Compression Stockings are special socks which are woven in such a way that they get tighter near the feet. This squeezing of leg helps in improving the blood flow. By improving circulation in the veins, these stockings help prevent blood clots and offer relieve from the symptoms of chronic vein disease.

They are also a great solution to a number of health problems such as arthritis, poor circulation, swelling and varicose veins. Therefore it is important to choose the right compression stocking for your legs that comforts you the best.

bioconceptcare compression stockings for men & women

How is this product useful?

These stocking are useful because they put pressure on your veins. They gradually deliver less tension as it stretches over the knee and towards the thigh. Women are at more risk for deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in the veins for them compression stockings can prevent DVT by keeping blood flow smooth.

If you had blood clot and you are suffering from swelling and leg pain, then you need a stocking that has a tightness of 30 to 40 mm Hg. You can even wear lower strength stockings depending upon your comfort. Different types such as knee-high, thigh-high and full length sizes are available which are easier to put on. Do not wear them unless you are recommended by the doctor or foot care experts.

You can purchase these stocking from medical or orthopedic supply stores.

Different types of compression stockings:

Surgical Socks - These are also known as surgical stockings and socks and are used for aches and pains caused by poor circulation in legs and feet. This makes easier for blood to flow.

Maternity Compression Stockings - These are specifically designed for the expecting mother, who experience discomfort at this time due to poor blood circulation. The circulation socks and pregnancy support hose helps in pain and aches that comes along with pregnancy.

Compression Sleeves- These sleeves allow the skin to breath, while effectively relieving your swelling from surgery or other trauma.

Do I need to change the Stockings?

Easily wash but lose their elasticity after 3 to 4 months. So change you stocking after 3-4 months because they need to be tight and should apply pressure to your legs.

At Bio Concept Orthopedic store we have largest selection of orthopedic footwear, insoles and compression stockings. We can visit our website for more relevant information & tips on how to benefit your foot heath from our experienced chiropodists and podiatrists.

Are your high heels killing your feet? Use Orthopedic Shoes

Today high heels are becoming trademark in fashion world especially for women. Extremes to fashion often cause problem for women who are sporting for high heels. Health experts are concerned about the long-term damage that wearing high heels can cause their feet & legs. Wearing tem continuously can make their leg suffer from severe foot diseases like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel spurs, Overlapping toes, Achilles Tendonitis, Arthritic Foot, Knee & Back pain.

Women can suffer from permanent problems due to prolonged wearing of high heels, they can suffer from hammer toes, damage to their muscles or tendons, bunions and many other problems related to feet. Expert says the higher the heel, greater the pressure will be put on the ball of the foot. Healthcare specialists mainly advice to wear Orthopedic footwear or Custom Orthotic insole in shoes to avoid such foot ailments.

The fact is be it a girl or a lady they would continue to wear high heels, even though they did not think them comfortable enough to carry it.

High heels are messing you up and yet you continue wearing them. WHY?

Orthopedics and podiatrists say women should show seriously take into consideration about their footwear, otherwise they have to pay a high price and have to go through the painful problems. Wearing inappropriate shoes for a long period of time can do permanent damage to foot muscles. Still women are going after the stylish footwear over comfort this can be seen in fashion shows where designers are designing new stylish footwear’s.

High heels are loved by women but if you wear them all the time, foot problem and other problem can ensue. Doctors say that high heel should be worn occasionally where you don’t require lot of standing for hours or walking around.

You should not ignore the fact that the taller & skinnier a heel gets, the shoe becomes more harmful. Always keep in mind partially open toe puts less stress on the toes.
When ever you wear high-heels or tight shoes it is bound to cause you pain. In this way you are crushing your feet. If you are really crazy about high heels, now you can get the latest comfortable heels that are also stylish and trendy which you can wear entire day. Orthopedic footwear can provide you style and comfort, heels pads may also provide pain relief from achy heels. These inserts provide support and reduce pressure on sensitive areas. Make sure when ever you buy footwear it should be flexible and bend at the toe box and provide sufficient arch support.

Do not become slave to fashion, now day’s heels are getting higher and higher and this can lead from ankle pain to chronic pain. A lower heel helps you to avoid foot problem. Bio Conceptcare is one-stop store where you get orthopedic footwear, compression stockings which offer proper support to your feet and help you in pleasure walking & sporting experience.

What are Happy Feet With NO Pain?

Human feet are marvel which help them to walk and run. Healthy feet are an important of good health. Our active lifestyle, where people keep on moving here and there all the time, no time to give rest to there foot leads to foot pain. Which people find it normal, but do you know your foot is a very complex part of your body. Our feet have hundreds of tendons, muscles, ligaments and twenty five percent of bones which making feet a complex mechanism. Foot carries all your body weight, if any of these bones are misaligned your entire body is affected.

Is your feet happy when you walk, exercise, play or jump?

Since your feet need to last you till lifetime, early attention to foot problems and preventive foot care should be taken into consideration. Your foot problem can cause knee problem, low back or hip problem. This may also cause physiological changes in body such as blood sugar, adrenal stress and many other problems. Foundation of posture and alignment is only possible due to our feet, this provides trust, stability and security in us. But when our feet are tired our whole body reacts in that form. It is important to treat the foot with respect and to invest in its good health. Here are some tips to maintain healthy feet.

  • Regularly inspection of feet is important.
  • Wash your feet regularly and dry between the toes.
  • Always buy comfortable footwear which fits your feet.
  • Never ignore foot pain, if your foot pain is not resolving visit you doctor before it get worsen.
  • Trim your toenails weekly
  • Wear proper fitted shoes and change them alternately because your shoes may absorb moisture from your feet. Allow them to dry completely.

Good habits to maintain foot health

Walking is a great way to keep weight under control and is an excellent conditioner for the feet. Be sure to wear appropriate athletic shoes when exercising. Walking barefoot on the beach or grass brings the feet into contact with the earth and energies that flow through it, and provides a revitalizing, energizing, and natural message. Barefoot walks help tone the muscles of the feet, keeping them young and strong.

An early morning barefoot walk on cool, dewy grass is refreshing and invigorating for the entire system, not just your feet. A benefit of walking barefoot on grass includes stress reduction, cooling and storm water attenuation. Nothing is better than walking on grass to get some relief.

Bio Concept Orthopedic Footwear Store job is to determine the best possible solution for you using our Chiropodist and Pedorthist’s expert opinion & provide better care for your foot problems.