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Back Pain

Select Orthopedic Shoes to treat Back pain
If you are suffering from severe upper or lower back pain then orthopedic footwear from Bioconcept care can be of great use to comfort your foot as we believe that wearing supportive shoes supports in reducing back pain.

The back pain may or may not occur immediately, but it can become a chronic issue if you suffer from it frequently. The common cause of back pain may involve any injury or disease to bones, spine or muscles. Opt for the footwear that is designed with a supportive arch bed which allows your toes to lie side-by-side without overlapping. Having pain at lower part of the back becomes unbearable when you do not get a right help to treat it.

  • Pain can occur while sitting for a longer period of time.
  • When you are performing some activity wearing high-heels.
  • Cause due to nerve irritation.
  • Bone encroachment also leads to back pain.
  • Arthritis can also affect lower back-pain.

With the help of Bio Concept Care, you can opt for shoes insole for extreme relief. Custom made Orthotics restore a more balanced alignment by improving the body posture and by reducing the tension in the muscles of the lower back providing relief to the pain. Orthopedic shoes or insoles are not permanent solution form back pain, they are just pain reducer. Refer to doctor if you are suffering from severe back pain.

Note: This documentation is not intended to suggest treatments for abnormal foot conditions. Any such cases should be referred to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.